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Kylie Parrotta, PhD

Dr. Kylie Parrotta earned her doctorate in Sociology from North Carolina State University. Her broad teaching and research interests are inequality (race, class, gender, and sexuality), social psychology, and deviance/criminology. She identifies strongly as a teacher-scholar and is particularly devoted to examining the reproduction of inequality in her research, in the courses she teaches, and in mentoring student research and community service. Her research on sentencing disparities, roller derby, welfare-to work program managers, and scholarship on teaching and learning has been published in Advances in Group Processes, Criminal Justice Studies, the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, Teaching Sociology, and Sociological Perspectives.

She is currently working on projects exploring the role of identity in the negotiation of organizational change, how attorney representation shapes criminal sentencing outcomes, exit accounts of employees and volunteers in non-profit and for-profit organizations, and educational trajectories of Black Pre-Medical and STEM students. 

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