Music Education, BA


For students who want a career in music education, there’s no better preparation than a Bachelor in Music Education from Delaware State. Our department has a national reputation for excellence in the field, so Delaware State’s music education graduates are in very high demand. They enter the work force with outstanding musical technique, lots of performing experience, an excellent general academic background, and a professional teaching credential.

After graduation, most music education majors pursue careers as music teachers at the K-12 level. Some establish themselves as community band directors or private teachers, and others continue their studies in graduate school. Delaware State’s music education degree is flexible enough to support a broad range of music-related professional options.

Professional Prep

Upon earning a Bachelor in Music Education from Delaware State, graduates are fully licensed to teach in Delaware and all states with reciprocal agreements. Students receive a comprehensive teacher education that includes course work and hands-on experience in the following:

  • developmental psychology
  • educational psychology
  • multicultural education
  • instruction and classroom management
  • multicultural student populations
  • student teaching

In addition, students get a comprehensive musical education that includes:

  • advanced ear training
  • a four-course music theory sequence
  • instruction in piano, woodwinds, and brass
  • music history
  • composing and arranging
  • conducting


As a group, Delaware State’s music degree faculty members possess decades of experience as music educators. They have taught at the high school and college levels, while directing award-winning bands with extensive performing credentials. In addition, members of the music faculty have:

  • worked as major-label recording artists, producers, and composers
  • written books and journal articles
  • performed on national TV and in major venues nationwide.
  • Their experience and professional contacts in various aspects of music education and the music industry are an invaluable resource for students. Faculty act as mentors and career coaches, helping students to find the right niche.

Research and Experience

During the senior year, all music education majors complete a 12-week student teaching placement in a real-world classroom.

Throughout the four year program, students in the music education program can gain performing experience in Delaware State’s nationally renowned bands and choir. Our students tour the country and the world, performing for heads of state, festival audiences, stadiums and arenas. Delaware State’s Marching Band, popularly known as “The Approaching Storm,” is recognized as one of the nation’s best university-level performing units.

Required Courses

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