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Advisement Center

Welcome to the CAHSS Advisement Center webpage. As the College with the largest number of course offerings, we strive for excellence in providing assistance to students in seven (7) academic departments: Art; English and Foreign Languages; History, Political Science and Philosophy; Mass Communications; Music; Psychology; and Sociology and Criminal Justice. 

We provide one-on-one guidance to sophomore students regarding academic, departmental and curriculum requirements to successfully navigate their way through degree completion. We also provide awareness for various academic support services available to students on campus.

We look forward to working with you and invite you to visit our center in EH-268 on the second floor of the Education and Humanities Building. Feel free to contact us at 302.857.6536. 


The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Advisement Center is committed to intentional engagement in providing quality advising to all students within the College; more specifically, sophomores develop an academic plan for achieving educational and life goals. 

It is our mission to effectively advise students by providing the resources and tools necessary for them to complete a degree program within four (4) years or less.


It is our goal to provide professional and ethical academic counseling to all Delaware State University advisees in an environment that enables academic achievement, professional development, and integrity. 

In addition, we strive to develop and maintain a vital advisor-advisee relationship that assists the students in achieving their academic and career goals.


The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Advisement Center employs an online appointment system, to assist students during the registration process. During the pre-registration and registration period, students will receive emails, notifying them to make an online appointment with his/her advisor to discuss and review course selections for the upcoming semester and summer. Advisors can also discuss with and advise students about courses taken at other institutions. In order to make the most of the appointment slot, students should bring a completed course request form with them.

ADVISEMENT classification

  • Freshmen (0-29 earned credit hours) are advised by University College advisors.
  • Sophomores (30-59 earned credit hours) are advised by CAHSS advisors.
  • Juniors and Seniors (60+ earned credits) are advised by departmental faculty advisors.


Core and General Education requirements; Curriculum review; Course planning and Registration; Early Alerts; Mid-term grades review; Academic Support Services; Degree progress; Counseling Services; Career Services; Degree Works; IDP


An IDP, Individual Development Plan, is a comprehensive student planning tool that charts first year steps towards identifying and establishing interests, goals, majors, and career pathways towards academic success. Embedded with ongoing relationships with advisors, faculty, staff and peers, each DSU student will be able to personalize their DSU experiences as they develop attitudes and behaviors reflective of the DSU Core Values.   

In the context of the first-year student, the purpose of the IDP is to chart the first year steps of our students’ interests, goals, majors, towards academic success. The IDP creates an environment to begin developing a relationship with the advisor/faculty that will foster student success.

Degree works

Degree Works is a web-based tool that provides comprehensive academic advising, transfer articulation, and degree verification that aligns students, advisors, faculty and support services to promote student success. Students are strongly encouraged to use Degree Works as they matriculate through Delaware State University. It is an invaluable tool that allows students to track and streamline their academic progress and plan the graduation process.  It allows direct access to multiple related services and advice through hyperlinks to catalog information, class schedules, transcripts, help desk services, and FAQs.

View a brief description of Degree Works at Delaware State University below.


Advisor Assignments
Major Advisor Advisor Contact Info
Foreign Languages
Ms. Rhonda Thompson rthompson [at] desu.edu
Mass Communications
Mrs. Karen Robinson krobinson [at] desu.edu
Criminal Justice

Political Science
Mr. Kimeu Boynton kboynton [at] desu.edu