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Integrated Studies, BA

The Bachelors of Arts in Integrated Studies (INST) is an interdisciplinary research program which allows students to develop individual programs of study through a broad based-education in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.  The program in its current form is designed for students who have earned at least sixty (60) or more academic credits.

Students select two focus areas and integrate them into a capstone experience.  The focus areas correspond to existing DSU departments, disciplines and subject areas.  Each focus area consists of seven courses and /or 21 hours.   In addition, students must enroll in Theories and Methods in Integrated Studies. This research methods class is required and is taken before the capstone.

This degree fits into DSU’s mission of providing relevant and meaningful education based on the liberal arts and the professions. It affords students the opportunity to bring together different types of knowledge across disciplines, over time, and more importantly, bridge the gap between the classroom, the community, and the person.

The requirements for the degree are the following:

  1. Complete the University’s General Education Program;
  2. Complete at least forty (40) Upper Division credits (courses 300 level and above) in the entire I.S. curriculum;
  3. Choose two focus areas; all course grades must be C or better;
  4. Complete 30 credits at DSU;
  5. Have a 2.00 cumulative GPA to graduate, and complete a total of 120 credits;
  6. Enroll in the class Theories and Methods in Integrated Studies (INST 395) and pass with at least a C;
  7. Complete the Interdisciplinary Capstone course INST 495 with a C or better.

Students must complete all focus area courses and the Theories and Methods course before taking the Integrated Capstone course.  Students can transfer up to 90 credits hours from an accredited institution, (they must then complete the last 30 credits at DSU) and will have up to 5 (five) years to finish the degree.  Internal transfer and regular transfer students must have at least sixty (60) credit hours to declare the major.

Repeat Course Policy:

The Integrated Studies required courses “INST 395 Theories & Methods of Integrated Studies” and “INST 495 Integrated Studies Senior Capstone” may only be repeated one time. Therefore, a student who is unsuccessful (fails) one of the required integrated studies  courses can retake the course ONE time only, and only the next time it is offered. The course must be taken the next time it is offered and is subject to space availability.  Students who discontinue enrollment at the University  for longer than two semesters may be required to audit INST 395 Theories and Methods of Integrated Studies before retaking INST 495 Integrated Studies Senior Capstone course.

Procedures concerning Internal Transfer to Integrated Studies:

Students from another DSU major seeking admittance into the INST program will need:

  • a minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA;
  • 60 credits;
  • a past record of academic rigor;
  • Stability (by demonstrating good academic standing throughout their matriculation at the university).

Those students who possess between 2.3 – 2.0 may be required to provide additional evidence of academic rigor and stability by providing evidence of their last completed academic semester or term of at least 12 credits and earning a term GPA of 2.5 or above.

A student who has under a 2.0 cumulative GPA will not be eligible for admittance to the program but may be considered for admittance in the future after completing a semester or term of at least 12 credits and earning a term GPA of 2.5 or above.

For further information, please see Dr. Phyllis Brooks Collins, Director of the Integrated Studies Program, x6694; EH Room 288.

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