History, BA


The history major at Delaware State offers a liberal arts education for the 21st century — multicultural and multidisciplinary.

Compared to most universities’ history programs, ours is more tightly integrated with other liberal arts subjects, such as philosophy, political science, economics, and sociology. Courses and material from all these disciplines reinforce each other, yielding a history degree of extraordinary academic breadth and richness.

Second, the history department at Delaware State emphasizes cultural and racial diversity. Students gain a broad range of perspectives — not merely “mainstream” interpretations but also history as told by (and about) women, slaves, immigrants, and ethnic and cultural minorities. No matter which area of concentration students choose (United States, European, African American, or World History), they get a well-rounded education that covers many perspectives.

History majors can choose to minor in Black Studies, Law Studies, or Philosophy.

Professional Preparation

Graduates from the history program enter the job market with a set of adaptable, marketable skills. They are proficient writers, excellent critical thinkers, and outstanding researchers. Through their studies, they develop an ability to synthesize multiple perspectives and insights into a single, balanced point of view.

The degree offers excellent preparation for graduate school in history or a related discipline, as well as advanced degrees in law, business, journalism, or education. Graduates may go directly into the work force in education, or any type of career that involves writing or research.


The history department has a young and dynamic faculty. Instructors come from a diverse set of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and they have a broad range of research interests that include military history, Latin America, Africa, maritime history, Colonial U.S. history, and the U.S. presidency.

Because the history department is small and intimate, students have a lot of direct interaction with professors and receive much guidance and encouragement.

Research and Experience

The history department is in the process of developing a study-abroad program that will enable students to gain credit while taking courses overseas. In addition, the history department sponsors a lecture series and hosts numerous visiting professors with varying areas of expertise.

Required Courses

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