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Liberal Studies, AS

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Art Education, BA

If you have always had an interest in the arts but aren’t aware of the career opportunities available to you, the Department of Art will be able to guide you through an education that is not only worthwhile, but most rewarding as well.

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Criminal Justice, BA

Criminal Justice careers may entail law enforcement, probation and corrections, legal research, or homeland security. Preparation for professional and graduate schools includes law school or advanced degrees in Sociology.

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Early Childhood Education, BS

Delaware State University’s Early Childhood Education program provides a high quality educational experience in working with children ages 3-8. With its heavy emphasis on direct, practical experience, the ECE major offers outstanding preparation for careers in teaching, research, administration, and related fields.

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Elementary Education (K-6), BS

The Elementary Education program at Delaware State provides outstanding career preparation for K-6 teachers. Students learn to teach all academic subjects, with extra emphasis on literacy and multicultural/multiethnic classrooms.

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English, BA (Non-teaching)

Delaware State teaches English literature from a global perspective. Students absorb the great works of Great Britain and the United States, from Shakespeare to the contemporary classics, and then go beyond to explore a wide range of literary voices, including women, immigrants, ethnic and racial minorities.

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History, BA

Compared to most universities’ history programs, ours is more tightly integrated with other liberal arts subjects, such as philosophy, political science, economics, and sociology. Courses and material from all these disciplines reinforce each other, yielding a history degree of extraordinary academic breadth and richness.

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Law Studies, BA

To graduate with a major in Law Studies, a student must satisfy the General Education Requirements prescribed by the University as well as all major requirements as designated on the Law Studies curriculum sheet. Law Studies majors must complete thirty-three (33) hours of coursework in Law Studies at a grade of ‘C’ or better, and at least twenty-seven (27) of those hours must be in legal specialty coursework.

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Mass Communications, BA

Mass Communications engages students broadly in theory and techniques. Students also develop an understanding of the influences that mass communications exert upon the individual and society by way of such elements as the social structure, the technology, the economy, the politics, and the media culture.

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Middle Level Education (6-8), BS

A Middle Level Education degree from Delaware State provides a competitive edge in the job market. Students in our program are required to develop two subject-area concentrations, which makes them highly marketable. In addition, Delaware State offers specific preparation for teaching in diverse classrooms, where there is a nationwide shortage of middle-school teachers.

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Music Education, BA

Delaware State’s Bachelor of Arts in Music Education degree prepares future music educators for the 21st century classroom and beyond.

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Music, BA

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at Delaware State University provides a solid foundation in musicianship as well fundamental studies in music performance and offers two concentrations: vocal or instrumental.

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From management to publishing, producing, recording, performing and more, the courses in the BA in Music Industry degree program provide a comprehensive education to prepare students for their career.

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Physical Education, BS

Delaware State offers a Physical Education program for the 21st century. We are emerging as national leaders in the innovative “tactical” approach to physical education, a teaching model that organizes instruction around broad skills and strategies rather than individual sports.

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Political Science, BA

Delaware State University’s Political Science department is ideally suited to the current era of political change - one marked by the first multiracial U.S. president. Our poli sci program offers a multicultural perspective that emphasizes ethnic / racial diversity and cultural convergence.

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Sociology, BA

Sociology graduates have successful careers in such diverse occupations as non-profit business consultation, healthcare, gerontology, risk management and insurance fund-raising and advocacy groups, international relations, state and federal government agency administration, urban and community planning, military officer, career management, evaluation research, seminar and workshop consultations, public opinion polling, market research and employee relations.

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Studio Art, BA

The Studio Art program at Delaware State strikes a balance between artistry and academics - and between creativity and career development. Working with accomplished artists in a professional environment, our students develop advanced studio skills along with the discipline, work habits, and intellectual depth necessary for success.

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Educational Leadership, EdD

Delaware State University’s Doctor of Education (Ed. D.) in Educational Leadership program prepares educational leaders for prominent leadership and service positions in school districts and higher education sectors.

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Educational Leadership, MEd

Delaware State University’s Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Educational Leadership program prepares educational leaders for prominent leadership and service positions in schools and other educational institutions.

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Justice Studies, MA

This Master of Arts in Justice Studies program is designed to prepare students with a bachelor’s degree and no professional experience for positions in government and non-government organizations, think tanks, criminal and juvenile justice systems, nonprofits, public service and/or future doctoral programs.

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Public Administration, MPA

Our MPA can help you advance your career as administrators, managers, and analysts in a variety of public sector and nonprofit settings; city and county administrators; human resource professionals; and a wide range of other leadership and management positions in health care, education, nonprofit, and non-governmental organizations.

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The MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)/Bilingual Education is an interdisciplinary program designed for educational personnel at the early childhood, elementary as well as secondary school levels. The program emphasizes the training of teachers who are interested in working with second language learners from diverse linguistic settings.

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Teaching MAT

The goal of the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Delaware State University in the Department of Education is to prepare highly qualified classroom teachers from diverse backgrounds who are change agents in Delaware schools.

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