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A Changing Media Landscape

The channels of communication in our everyday lives change and adapt continuously. In the Mass Communications, Visual and Performing Arts, students understand how and why these channels continue to change, and how to effectively use them to get messages out to the people.

Bachelor's Degrees

Art Education, BA

Mass Communications, BA

  • Convergence Journalism
  • Public Relations & Advertising
  • Digital Media Production

Department of Mass Communications, Visual and Performing Arts

The Department of Mass Communications, Visual and Performing Arts produces graduates who specialize in convergence journalism, public relations and advertising, or digital media production, music and art. 

Mass Communications

Mass Communications produces graduates who specialize in convergence journalism, public relations and advertising, or digital media production. The curriculum combines three essential elements of learning:

  • A theoretical approach to enable students to understand concepts of mass communications.
  • A performance-based approach to develop skills and techniques to enable students to be proficient with communication technologies.
  • An internship program to place students in off-campus learning environments working with professionals.


  • State-of-the-art Pro Tools digital sound recording studio
  • State-of-the-art digital, three-camera, two set television studio
  • Nonlinear editing labs
  • Broadcast electronics Audio Vault digital radio station
  • Sound lab
  • Writing lab
  • State-of-the-art distance learning lab
  • Closed-circuit student-run television station
  • Closed-circuit student-run radio station 


The music degree programs at Delaware State University aren’t merely stepping stones to the big time. They are the big time. Our marching band, jazz band, concert band, and choirs perform at major venues all over the world — including the inaugural parade for President Barack Obama. The music department’s state-of-the-art teaching studio in 2009, fully equipped with digital recording, composing, and editing tools. This addition to the music department’s facilities has allowed the students at DSU to launch CLASS RECORDS, DSU’s record label.

Delaware State’s bachelor’s program in music celebrates diversity, covering many genres of music from all over the world. Graduates of music programs at DSU routinely transition into careers as music educators, performers, composers, recording artists, and music industry executives.

But it’s in the classroom that Delaware State’s music major truly stands out. In addition to developing superior instrumental skills, students get an excellent, well-rounded academic education that includes professional preparation for a broad range of music-related careers.

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The Department of Art seeks to provide high-quality education for Art majors, courses for prospective elementary and secondary teachers, as well as courses that satisfy General Education requirements for the entire University population.

If you have always had an interest in the arts but aren’t aware of the career opportunities available to you, the Department of Art will be able to guide you through an education that is not only worthwhile, but most rewarding as well. Your personal path toward graduation will enable you to pursue a variety of stimulating professions after graduation.

Delaware State University strikes a balance between general academic and major studio-related courses to support intellectual and artistic growth. In this balance, students are able to seek a variety of courses that offer different career paths. You will have the opportunity to work with professional artists in an environment that is conducive to high standards of intellectual and creative practice.