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Special Education Minor

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Delaware State University’s Special Education minor is focused on providing preservice teachers with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities needed to provide evidencebased, culturally responsive instruction to students with disabilities and students experiencing difficulty with the general education curriculum.

Preservice teachers will develop and practice their skills in five critical areas: behavior and classroom management, evidence-based literacy instruction, special education legislation and policy, inclusive and data-based curriculum and instruction, and individualized education programs. All five areas focus on embedding culturally responsive teaching and a social justice model of special education to advocate for and improve equitable outcomes for students with disabilities.

Preservice teachers will have the opportunity to learn from academic faculty, experienced practitioners, peers, and the students from the communities in which they will engage.


  • Confidently support students with disabilities in your general education classroom
  • Increase equitable learning opportunities and outcomes for students with disabilities
  • Be prepared for job interviews and expand your opportunities in the job market
  • Make a difference in the lives of students with disabilities


  • EDUC 311: Curriculum and Materials for Children with Exceptional Learning Needs
  • EDUC 321: Diagnostic Assessment and IEP Development
  • EDUC 324: Integrating the Diagnostic Teaching of Literacy into Classroom Instruction, K-12
  • EDUC 342: Special Education Legislation and Policy
  • EDUC 346: Behavior Analysis and Modification for Individuals with Exceptional Needs

Learn More

Contact Dr. Rachel Juergensen, Assistant Professor of Special Education and Coordinator of the Special Education Minor, atrjuergensen [at] desu.edu.