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Objective Education

In history, politics, philosophy, and law studies understanding the past, present and future lies in our ability to think with an open mind.

Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Law Studies

The Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy and Law Studies seeks to provide a thorough and dynamic liberal arts education with a multicultural perspective. It does this throughout its curriculum by achieving the broad learning goals outlined by the University and the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences by creating the space for students and faculty to engage in intellectual discovery and independent thinking. By doing this, we prepare our students for post-baccalaureate schools and careers in relevant fields locally and globally. Our department houses majors in History, Political Science, and Law Studies, and minors in the latter disciplines as well as Africana Studies and Philosophy. In addition, the university’s Masters & Public Administration (MPA) is also affiliated with the department of History, Political Science, and Philosophy


The department faculty is a collection of outstanding scholars and dedicated teachers engaged in active research in a variety of areas. Its research and publication record is second to none on the DSU campus. Faculty have won the annual Faculty Excellence Awards in research, teaching and service a number of times. Students have the opportunity to work closely with these professors, especially during their Senior Capstone experience.

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Student Success & Resources

Student Government Association

For the student interested in politics, a start in student government lays the foundation for working with others for common goals.

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What Can I Do In This Field?

Many people have this question regardless of the major they choose: what kind of job will this lead to? Here a few examples of career choices and how to attain them.

Student Resources

H-Net Humanities and Social Services Online  

The Library of Congress    

William C. Jason Library

Delaware Public Archives 

American Historical Association 

The Conference on Latin American History 

American Society for Environmental History 

The American Political Science Association

The American Philosophy Association 

National Council for Black Studies