Caribbean EdD Program

Delaware State University in the Department of Education offers a unique and inclusive accelerated curriculum for the Doctor of Educational Leadership (EdD) in Higher Education Leadership in a cohort learning format. This program is intended for advanced educational leaders or administrators in adjacent careers such as government, law, or policy in the Caribbean who are interested in the study of educational policy and practice. Doctoral students in the program will use higher education as a site of analysis to better situate how postsecondary (tertiary) education influences society, transmits culture, and promotes human development through the application of critical education frameworks and international lenses.

This EdD program curriculum offers a unique opportunity to explore leadership across “core four” areas of inquiry. These include (1) educational policy; (2) organizational leadership; (3) internationalization; and (4) adult learning and development.

Educational policy emphasizes how governance, legal, and ethical processes impact educational systems and related public organizations. Public policy and external contemporary trends are highlighted as approaches that influence postsecondary (tertiary) education.

Organizational leadership highlights institutional cultures and organizational systems within postsecondary (tertiary) education. Interconnected postsecondary systems and differences between institutional missions and typologies are investigated by analyzing the core purposes of postsecondary (tertiary) higher education.

Internationalization interrogates globalization and the use of postsecondary (tertiary) education to shape multiculturalism, cross-cultural exchange, academic expansion, and university partnership. These forms of academic global exchange are analyzed through cultural, policy, and economic lenses.

Adult learning and development promotes a reflective scholar-practitioner model. Doctoral students reflect on their own positionality as a leader and emerging scholar. Students gain an understanding of current issues facing current and university graduates across different identities and cultures.

Program Distinctiveness

  • The Educational Leadership EdD in Higher Educational Leadership for Caribbean students is specifically designed for accessibility and with culturally-relevant teaching pedagogy. The program is taught by a blend of full-time doctoral faculty supported by Caribbean scholars with expertise within tertiary education or comparative international education.
  • The program is also designed for working professionals with complex personal and professional lives. The program is an accelerated program and takes approximately three to three-and-half years to complete.
  • The dissertation capstone is required, but students select their own research topic based on their areas of interest related to higher education policy and practice. The dissertation process is supported and supervised by a comprehensive faculty committee.
  • No required internship, but is optional for doctoral students seeking additional professional advancement.
  • This is a cohort format program in which students will take the majority of their courses with the same group of doctoral students. This becomes a graduate family and learning community in which students support and challenge one another through their coursework. They also provide encouragement during the dissertation and research process.

Program Format

  • Students will take two courses per semester separated in two sessions. Each course is eight weeks long and is taken one at a time. Summer courses are also required which each last five weeks.
  • Courses are offered synchronously online in a weekly hybrid executive cohort format. Course sessions are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Sundays online in the evening.
  • The courses meet are further supported by online coursework such as through research, case studies, discussion boards, or video reflections to facilitate collaborative learning.
  • Full-time faculty provide support and mentorship.


Admission is rolling and students can begin the program at four distinct points during the academic year with a cohort. For program admissions, please see the Office of Graduate Admissions webpage for international students and Higher Education program specific requirements.

Program Requirements

Please review the program requirements and graduate curriculum.

Cost Format & Schedule

Courses are offered synchronously online in a weekly hybrid executive cohort format. Course sessions are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Sundays online in the evening. Courses are further enhanced by online coursework such as through research, case studies, discussion boards, or video reflections.

Core Faculty

  • Dr. Pietro A. Sasso, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Justin Alexander, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Yvette Pierre, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Hazel Bradshaw-Beaumont Young, Professor
  • Dr. Karen Holland, Affiliate Faculty
  • Dr. Kornel Brown, Affiliate Faculty