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CHESS College Meeting 12/7/2023

The College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences provides students at Delaware State University with advanced academic skills and knowledge through teaching, research, and service, thereby instilling in them a sense of competency that will help them assume leadership roles in their respective fields of study.

Learn about the changing currents of the political realm, mold a career around the diversely exciting world of the arts or explore the social and psychological tapestry of individuals and groups. There are a variety of appealing majors in the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences.

The art and music departments provide degree opportunities that encompass the areas of art creation and music performance, as well as training students to become teachers within those disciplines. The University boasts its band and choir programs and has cultural programming that includes theatre and dance programs and student opportunities in the Art Center Gallery.

Our mass communications programs give students hands-on experience with television and radio/audio production, as well as instruction in news gathering, news dissemination and public relations.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, DSU offers a rich choice of options. The University currently has collaborative agreements with 33 institutions abroad, resulting in an atypical, international portfolio. Current study-abroad and emerging destinations include Cuba, Senegal, Uganda, Namibia and China (where seven mass communications students were selected as interns for the 2008 Summer Olympics).

Additional degree program choices include English, history and criminal justice, as well as minors in Africana studies, law studies, women’s and gender studies, and more.