MPA Curriculum

The MPA at Delaware State University is designed to deliver the vital skill sets of public and nonprofit managers, while also providing the contextual background and community engagement skills needed to be effective agents of community change.

Students must complete 12 credits of Foundation courses before taking the Internship (if required) and Core courses.

MPA Foundation Courses

Should be taken before Core Courses
MPA503 (3 Credits): American Governance and Administration
MPA504 (3 Credits): Research Methods for Public Administration​​​​​​​
MPA505 (3 Credits): Organizational and Community Leadership​​​​​​​
MPA506 (3 Credits): Economics for Public Administration

MPA Core Courses 

Taken only after successful completion of Foundation Courses​​​​​​​
MPA601 (3 Credits): Administration in Context​​​​​​​
MPA602 (3 Credits): Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation​​​​​​​
MPA603 (3 Credits): Public Finance​​​​​​​
MPA604 (3 Credits): Public Information Technology​​​​​​​
MPA605 (3 Credits): Organizational Performance Management​​​​​​​
MPA606 (3 Credits): Human Resources for Public Administration​​​​​​​
MPA607 (3 Credits): MPA Graduate Project​​​​​​​
MPA608 (3 Credits): Internship – If Required

Total: 33 Required, +3 for Internship if Required


In this final MPA course, MPA students demonstrate their mastery of program material. The Graduate Project is an applied policy analysis or program evaluation and plan to be completed over the duration of a full semester. It requires students to relate theory to practice in a real-world, experiential study. The policy focus of the project and the relevant level of government, nonprofit or community organization will be selected by the student and instructor together at the conclusion of the student’s Foundation Courses. This will relate to the student’s academic and career interests and wherever possible will engage with community stakeholder needs. The policy plan involves the review of a policy issue or program, its relevant history, an analysis plan, a full analysis complete with recommendations and a plan for implementation. The Graduate Project culminates with the submission of a written document as well as a presentation before a graduate committee.