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Give to CHESS

Give to CHESS - Dr Edwards"Supporting DSU is basically laying the foundation for a strong future of leaders whether it is in education, politics, health care, the sciences. And so, every penny counts toward helping to solidify a student’s education, helping to further build a brand for these students, build a brand for the University, and to create necessary pipelines of students. We need educated people to run this country, to be in control of their own destiny and this is the only way. Some of those people, they need our support."

           - Dr. Francine Edwards, Dean, College of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences

Every dollar donated to Delaware State University impacts the future success of our students. As a proud alumnus of the College of Humanities, Education & Social Sciences, would you be willing to contribute directly to the success of the future leaders currently enrolled in your College at Delaware State University?

Show your love for DSU and join Dean Edwards in donating to support your College today.