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Liberal Studies, BA

Liberal Studies is a student-centered academic degree that allows students to develop a program of study relevant to their personal and professional interests. The term “liberal” refers to freedom, or liberation, of thought, not the current term often associated with political orientation. The idea of “liberal education” is foundational to democracy. Liberal education, as defined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), is “a liberating education that frees the mind to seek after truth unencumbered by dogma, ideology, or preconceived notions. A liberally educated person can think for him or herself, is both broad- and open-mind, and is, therefore, less susceptible to manipulation or prejudice” (AAC&U, 2020).

The Liberal Studies Program is a broad undergraduate major leading to the B.A. degree. It is an interdisciplinary major with studies in the language arts, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, applied disciplines, visual arts, and performing arts. Courses are from various academic departments throughout the University. Students learn to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and methods. Building upon the ide a of a liberal education, students will engage in the examination of “big questions1 .” The goal is to help students develop intellectual and practical skills that define critical thinkers and life-long learners.

The major is open to all student types – traditional students who are new first-year, transfers, returning, nontraditional, and non-degree completers who have 90 credits. The curriculum is accommodating and flexible to ensure meaningful interaction with academic coursework and co-curricular experiences throughout the program of study.

The requirements for the Liberal Studies degree are the following:

  • Complete therequirements of the University’sGeneral Education Program
  • Complete 36 Upper-divisioncredits(courses 300leveland above) in the degree curriculum 
  • Complete 18 credits in an academic disciplinary areawith a grade of “C”or higher o Twelve (12) must be in upper-division (300-400 level) credits 
  • Complete the last 30credits atDelaware State University 
  • Have a 2.00 cumulativeGPA to graduate, and
  • Complete the Liberal Studies core courses with the grade of “C” or better o Introduction to Liberal Studies (LIBS 101- first-year students only)
    • Liberal Studies Experiential Learning Practicum (LIBS 290 – first-year student only) 
    • Civic and Professional Leadership (LIBS 395 – Junior status) 
    • Survey of Liberal Studies (LIBS 390 -transfer students 60 and above only) 
    • Liberal Studies Capstone (LIBS 490 – required of all majors)

The Liberal Studies program offers a broad and often interdisciplinary education drawing from multiple disciplines. It gives students various degrees of choice in selecting some depth of study, whether students choose a minor, a certification, or an emphasis. Students can choose from multiple minors and certificates at the University to complement their degree, emphasize areas of interest, and further their career goals. For example:

  • Women and Gender Studies Minor
  • Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Counseling (CADC)
  • Psychology Minor
  • Africana Studies Minor
  • Law Studies Minor
  • Entrepreneurship Minor
  • Coaching Management Minor
  • Leadership Minor (Available after Focus Area Fall 2021)


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