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Teaching tomorrow’s leader

The power of an education is immeasurable and can lead to a positive impact on the minds of those who will lead tomorrow’s world.

Department of Education

In our society, educators can never be replaced and are always in demand. As a DSU education major, you will get first-hand experience understanding the skills necessary to teach. We place a high emphasis on excellence and prepare our students to navigate the challenges presented by federal and state requirements and leave DSU prepared to become highly qualified and competent teachers. 100% of Education Department programs are accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP).


Projects within the field of education focus on using language as a learning tool; providing quality STEM learning opportunities; and how scientific reasoning, learning and education shape our lives.

Scientific Practice, Reasoning and Neuroscience  Earth/Space Science Teacher Education 


Our faculty members are committed to training our students to be ready to fill educator rolls as highly qualified teachers. We prepare students to meet challenges in the classroom and to become highly sought-after certified educators.

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The Department of Education at DSU places a high emphasis on producing excellent educators. We provide valuable resources to our students to prepare them to become qualified teachers and offer competitive scholarships to help them achieve their goals.

Teacher Education Program Admission

Students interested in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) must complete a formal admission process during their sophomore year.

Early Field Experiences (EFE)

Early Field Experiences (EFE) are an important focus of the Teacher Education Program.  In an EFE, students are required to observe a classroom setting.  Students participate in their first EFE experience during their Freshman or Sophomore year, depending on the program, and continue until they enroll in Student Teaching I and II.  In order to participate in EFE, students are required to do the following:

Complete the Criminal History Record Check Form.  Please take the completed form to any federally approved State Bureau of Identification such as 655 South Bay Road, Suite 1B, Dover, DE 19901; 302.739.4794.  Hours of Operation:  Monday 9 am to 7 pm, Tuesday through Friday 9 am to 3 pm.  The cost is $18.  Cash, money orders, Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted methods of payment.  Bring the payment receipt to the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences, EH 110.

Complete the TB Test Form. The TB test can be obtained from your Primary Care Physician or any medical lab such as Med Express, 15 South DuPont Highway, Dover, DE 19904; 302.674.1514.  The fee is $30.  Bring the signed form from the Primary Care Physician or medical lab to the Office of Clinical and Field Experiences, EH 110.

Student Teaching

In order to provide the necessary hands-on learning experience for our students in the Teacher Education Program, we offer Student Teaching I and II during the last full year of enrollment prior to graduation. Student Teaching I consists of 10 hours per week for 8-10 weeks. Student Teaching II consists of a 16-week full-time placement (520 hours). Students are not permitted to register for additional courses during Student Teaching II.

STEP Scholarship

The Scholar Teacher Education Program (STEP) Scholarship is available to qualifying, in-state DSU education majors.

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship

Consider applying for this scholarship if you plan to teach in the STEM field.

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Student Services Center

The Student Services Center mentors and assists sophomore and pre-majors with establishing goals and strategies to progress to advanced levels of their education.