Master of Public Administration (MPA)

A Master of Public Administration or MPA is a professional Master’s degree program in which students develop the analytic and professional skills to serve in management roles in the public and non-profit sectors. Students in MPA programs typically learn the skills of policy analysis, program evaluation, public and non-profit budgeting, human resources management, strategic planning and management and leveraging technology for organizational advancement. Delaware State University’s MPA program is no exception.

What makes Delaware State University’s MPA unique is our focus on civic engagement and community empowerment. While our students develop the skills requisite for a Master of Public Administration, they will also develop their capacities for working alongside communities to empower individuals and communities as agents for their own development. The MPA at Delaware State University allows students to advance their own careers while also advancing community interests. To this end, students will learn and practice the skills necessary to assess community contexts, engage with community members, identify and build leadership capacities among others, and serve as agents of community change.

We do this through classroom instruction, community-based projects, and collaborative engagement with nonprofit and governmental organizations. Students have the opportunity to learn from academic faculty, experienced practitioners, each other, and the communities with which they will engage.

Our Students

Students in the Master of Public Administration Program at Delaware State University come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are pursuing an MPA directly following an undergraduate degree, some are mid-career professionals interested in advancing their careers, and some are retirees looking to learn new skills. Because the MPA is an interdisciplinary program, our students come from backgrounds in criminal justice, psychology, sociology, political science, the natural sciences, the performing arts, business, nursing and others. If you aren’t sure your prior degree will serve you well in our MPA program, please contact us!

Learning Objectives

Graduates of the Master of Public Administration at Delaware State University will…

  1. Identify the historical, theoretical, legal and civic roots of Public Administration as a function of democratic governance and as an academic and professional discipline;
  2. Demonstrate the technical and research skills to successfully evaluate problems, gather and interpret data, and make informed decisions;
  3. Apply principles of systematic, strategic planning and management;
  4. Assess contexts, analyze policy and evaluate programs as Public Administration scholars and practitioners;
  5. Communicate policy and administration principles effectively to a diverse range of audiences in a variety of media; and
  6. Apply a working knowledge of the institutional, organizational and interpersonal networks of society to achieve goals


What can you do with an MPA? The MPA is a professional degree that delivers the skills and competencies to serve in management capacities in the public and nonprofit sectors – and sometimes in the private sector. With a Master of Public Administration, a person is qualified to serve in leadership and management roles in the nonprofit sector, middle and upper level management in the public sector, or a number of other positions of leadership. Some students occupy executive positions at state agencies, others have gone on to start their own policy and advocacy consulting firms. The skills you earn through an MPA program are highly mobile and flexible!

Explore Your Interests

You care about something. MPA students have an interest in public service and care about making the world a better place. In the MPA program at Delaware State University, you will have space to explore your interests and apply MPA concepts and skill sets to the topic you care about. Whether you care about healthcare policy, youth development, criminal justice reform, community development, economic inequality, or any public issue you can imagine, you will have opportunities to explore that topic and contribute to solutions in that area.


All students are encouraged to pursue an internship; however, we recognize some applicants will join our program with a great deal of experience. Students without at least three years of managerial experience are required to complete an internship after completing their foundation courses. This determination is made at the time of application.

Our internship program is implemented by our Office of Career Services, who will help you seek, apply and complete your internship when you register for MPA608: Internship (3 Credits). We have relationships with many local public and nonprofit agencies and can develop opportunities for our online students in a location that is convenient for them.

Our Courses

All of our courses can be completed entirely online in an asynchronous format with no scheduled class meetings. Some courses can be taken in person at our Wilmington site, and remote students can join those same class sessions virtually. All live class sessions are one evening per week starting at 6pm Eastern Time.

Want to Learn More?

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