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Middle Level Education (6-8), BS


A Middle Level Education degree from Delaware State provides a competitive edge in the job market. Students in our program are required to develop two subject-area concentrations, which makes them highly marketable. In addition, Delaware State offers specific preparation for teaching in diverse classrooms, where there is a nationwide shortage of middle-school teachers — especially in areas such as math, science and world languages.

Because Delaware State has a reputation for excellence in teacher education, our graduates enjoy a very high job-placement rate and are often recruited by out-of-state districts.

Professional Preparation

All graduates become licensed teachers in the state of Delaware. They are prepared to teach fifth through eight grades, with two subject-area concentrations.

Students will develop professional teaching skills in:

  • adolescent psychology and emotional development
  • the use of technology in education
  • guidance and counseling
  • multicultural classrooms and global societies
  • literacy development

In addition, professional teaching organizations and the Council for Exceptional Children have campus chapters at Delaware State, providing career guidance and preparation to education students.


Most faculty members in this program have taught at the middle-school level and bring real world experiences to the program. They offer more than academic instruction, acting as mentors who can help students meet challenges in the classroom, the professional world, and in life.

Research and Experience

Candidates have opportunities to get involved in community-based research, in which they study educational problems in local school districts and proffer solutions based on their research and experience. These projects are attached to specific courses such as Middle School Years, Effective Teaching and Classroom Management, and Technology in Education.

Students are exposed to real word experiences through early field experiences (EFE), engaged in at the entry level, practical experiences through methods courses, and student teaching in partnered middle schools.

Required Courses

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