Law Studies, BA

Law Studies Major (New Fall 2021)

To graduate with a major in Law Studies, a student must satisfy the General Education Requirements prescribed by the University as well as all major requirements as designated on the Law Studies curriculum sheet. Law Studies majors must complete thirty-three (33) hours of coursework in Law Studies at a grade of ‘C’ or better, and at least twenty-seven (27) of those hours must be in legal specialty coursework.

Law Studies coursework includes the following required courses:

  • LAWS 100 (Introduction to Law)
  • LAWS 200 (Legal Research & Writing)
  • LAWS 215 (Advanced Legal Research Methods & Technology)
  • LAWS 201 (Criminal Law), LAWS 211 (Contract Law)
  • LAWS 300 (Tort & Personal Injury Law)
  • LAWS 301 (Civil Litigation)
  • LAWS 350 (Evidence & Trial Advocacy)
  • LAWS 400 (Senior Capstone)
  • Six hours of LAWS electives (at least one of which must be a legal specialty course)

Law Studies majors must also take and pass the following required courses with a grade of ‘C’ or better:

  • PHIL 101 (Critical Thinking)
  • HIST 201/203 (American History to 1865 or African American History to 1865)
  • HIST 202/204 (American History from 1865 or African American History from 1865)
  • HIST 205 (Themes in World History)
  • POLS 200 (American National Government)
  • POLS 307 (Constitutional Law
  • POLS 309 (LSAT Preparation Course)
  • POLS 405 (The Supreme Court
  • SCCJ 313 (Courts & Criminal Justice)
  • Six credit hours of HIST/POLS courses at the 300-400 level

Additionally, majors must take six hours of foreign language coursework, four hours of natural science coursework (with a lab), three hours of math, three hours of an arts and humanities elective

  • ENGL 201/205 (World Literature I or African American Literature I)
  • ENGL 202/206 (World Literature II or African American Literature II)
  • SCCJ 101 (Introduction to Sociology) PSYC 201 (Introduction to Psychology) may be substituted for SCCJ 101.

Law Studies majors must earn a “C” or higher in all Law Studies courses, the General Education core courses, and all other required courses as designated on the curriculum sheet.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

The Law Studies major is approved by the American Bar Associate (ABA). However, the Law Studies minor is not an ABA-approved program.

Our Law Studies major is co-directed by Kimeu Boynton, JD & Charlisa Edelin, JD. Other instructors include Elizabeth Marchioni, JD, and Sam Hoff, PhD.

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LAW Studies Minor

The minor in Law Studies includes a total of 21 credits selected from courses available in five different departments. The curriculum for the minor is as follows:


  • POLS 307: Constitutional Law/Political Science
  • POLS 308: Civil Liberties/Political Science
  • ACCT 302: Business Law/Accounting
  • SCCJ 315: Criminal Law/Sociology
  • PHIL 206: Logic/Philosophy
  • ENGL 311: Advanced Composition/English
  • ELECTIVE COURSES (3 credits)
  • ACCT 402: Business Law II/Accounting
  • PHIL 101: Critical Thinking/Philosophy
  • SPSC 471: Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport and Recreation/Sport Management