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Public Administration, MPA

Our MPA can help you advance your career as an administrator, manager, and analyst in a variety of public sector and nonprofit settings; city and county administrator; human resource professional; and a wide range of other leadership and management positions in health care, education, nonprofit, and non-governmental organizations. The program is designed for professionals who have three or more years of experience, preferably with two years of supervisory experience. 

The MPA’s rigorous curriculum develops your analytical and decision-making skills so you can diagnose problems, synthesize information, and assess various policy options in today’s ever-changing work environments. The program prepares you for positions such as a policy analyst, public administrator, public manager, and similar leadership roles in government, health care, education, and other sectors. 

This practitioner-focused program is taught by faculty members who are highly placed public administration professionals. Their work experience and academic credentials combine to immerse you in the field’s most comprehensive learning experience. The majority of students in the program will also be practitioners, so you’ll learn from one another as well as from your professors. 

An internship is not required if you have the desired level of professional experience, but is required if you don’t. Our MPA program enjoys a close partnership with Delaware’s legislative delegation and several major public institutions, and can assist you with your internship placement. 

Foundation Courses 

  • MPA 503 American Government/Public Policy 
  • MPA 504 Research Methods in Public Administration 
  • MPA 505 Public Organizational Behavior & Operations 
  • MBA 502 Economic Foundations 
  • MBA 605 Organizational Leadership & Behavior 

Core Courses  

  • MPA 601 Foundations of Public Administration 
  • MPA 602 Public Policy Analysis 
  • MPA 603 Public Budgeting 
  • MPA 604 Public Information Technology
  • MPA 605 Management Systems 
  • MPA 606 Human Resources Management 
  • MPA 607 Graduate Project 
  • MPA 608 Internship (if required) 

Admission Requirements

  • 2 Professional Letters of Recommendation
  • 3-5 Years of Work experience with two years at the supervisory or management level preferred (military experience qualifies as work experience). Students without work experience can still be accepted into the program and are encouraged to apply. Students in this category are required to complete an internship experience.
  • GRE or GMAT (scores may be waived for applicants with professional, supervisory or managerial experience)
  • GRE or GMAT may be waived based upon professional, supervisory or managerial work experience subject to Graduate School approval. To be considered, fill out the waiver form and submit with your application.

Required Courses

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