Writing (Minor)


The Writing Minor in English is designed for students—majoring in any discipline—who intend to augment their writing and critical thinking skills. Core program courses include digital writing, editing, advanced composition, technical writing, writing in the disciplines, theories and practices in writing and peer tutoring, among others. Students can take creative writing courses, develop a writing portfolio, and pursue a career in writing. This minor requires 16 credit hours of writing-intensive courses beyond the first-year rhetoric and composition classes.   


  1. A key strategic goal is for this minor to target literacy of all DSU students, and to expand training on academic and professional writing to all students across campus, many of whom struggle with professional writing. In other words, this minor would focus on providing writing development and growth opportunities to all Majors.
  2. Another goal is to enhance the academic and professional writing skills of students, who aim to pursue a career that heavily requires skills in writing, editing, tutoring, critical thinking, and digital and/or creative communications. 

Required Courses

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