Writing Well

Academic Literacy Modules

The Writing Well Academic Literacy Modules have been developed as a resource to assist in the mastery of core concepts of grammar and mechanics, and to further develop academic literacy.  Please click on the drop down menus below to select the topic or category to review.

  • Sections 1 through 3 address core concepts of grammar, mechanics, and composition.
  • The Advanced Academic Literacy Modules section provides guided development in writing and/or revising an article or paper.
  • The Executive Writing Modules are designed for Administrative & Executive Assistants at Delaware State University (DSU). The purpose is to support clear communication for DSU employees who write email, memos, letters, and other departmental genres.

The first time you access a module you will be prompted to create a username/account.  Please use your DSU email as your username (if you have one).  After creating your initial account you will be able to access all modules using the same login credentials.

If you encounter problems or have questions, please contact Dr. Brody Bluemel (bbluemel [at] desu.edu (subject: Writing%20Well%20English%20Language%20Modules%20Question) ), Dr. Myrna Nurse (mnurse [at] desu.edu (subject: Writing%20Well%20English%20Language%20Modules%20Question) ), or Dr. Donna Bain-Butler (dbutler [at] desu.edu).