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Writing Well (Academic Literacy Modules)

Modules Now Available!

Our modules are now (gradually) being made available.  During the 2018-19 academic year we will continue to develop modules, so please check back often.  As modules are completed, they will be hyperlinked in the sections below. 

  • Sections 1 through 3 address core concepts of grammar, mechanics, and composition.
  • Advanced Academic Literacy Modules provides guided development in writing and/or revising an article or paper.

Please click on the hyperlinked modules to gain access.  When you first access a module you will be prompted to create a username/account.  Please use your DSU email as your username (if you have one).  After creating your initial account you will be able to access all modules using the same login credentials.

If you encounter problems or questions, please contact Dr. Brody Bluemel (bbluemel [at] desu.edu (subject: Writing%20Well%20English%20Language%20Modules%20Question) ) or Dr. Myrna Nurse (mnurse [at] desu.edu (subject: Writing%20Well%20English%20Language%20Modules%20Question) ).

Writing Well: Basics of Writing Section I

  • Basic Grammar and Mechanics Rules 
  • Case of Nouns and Pronouns
  • Verbs and Their Conjugations
  • Conjunctions

Writing Well: Basics of Writing Section II

  • Agreements
  • Punctuation
  • Items-in-a-Series
  • Capitalization, Numbers, Dates, and Abbreviations

Writing Well: Basics of Writing Section III

  • Gerunds and Participles
  • Modifiers
  • Voice of the Verb
  • Voice and Mood
  • Composing a Professional Email
  • APA Formatting & Citation
  • MLA Formatting & Citation

Advanced Academic Literacy Modules